How to add Google Fonts to Blogger blog

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How to add Google Fonts to Blogger blog | tips blog this about How to add Google Fonts to Blogger blog Fonts are a important part of your blog design, so Im going to show you how simple is to add a new font on your site.

First go and find a font:

After you got the font which will look something like this:

Now, go to your blog dashboard and click > Design > Edit HTML and paste font code after 

Now, its most important step, the code you got need to be edited, because like it is, you can’t save template.

You have to place ; after v1 and / before >
So the font code above will look like this:

Now you can save your template, but its not finished yet, you should add the font in your CSS, for example if you like to use this font for the header, find this on your CSS
#header h1 {

and replace the font with this one ‘Nixie One’
Do the same if you like to edit the post title

Hope now its simple for you to edit your fonts styles.

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