How to Extend USB Cable Modem

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How to Extend USB Cable Modem | tips How to Extend USB Cable Modem |  if my friend wants to extend a usb cable, premises aim to get a good signal like me, and if you want to buy very expensive, so let’s make exender wrote its own USB cable (USB cable extension term)
but remember, for her to be extra careful. because so many have failed in making it, I, too, when the length of the cable 7 to 10 meters is doomed to fail, but if 5-6 meters, managed well, is pretty well could be a signal that was three blocks from only one ..
The following steps

Materials to prepare:
1. regular USB cable, standard aja 1 m or 0.5m.
2. wired LAN / UTP cable for the network.

Step 1: The USB cable on the test used to pake a USB flash disk in the computer, still functioning or not. If still OK, cut into 2 parts. There are usually red, black, and white, green. Red and black is usually for 5V supply voltages. Green and white is usually a USB data cable.

Step 2: Trim and peel the ends of the LAN cable. From this LAN cable there are 8 colors. Of the 8 end of the LAN cable before, combining several pairs so stay 4 LAN cable end.

* Combined with orange orange white cable (2 wires so 1)
* Green and white wires (1 wire)
* Green cable (1 cable)
* Combination of blue and white cord, blue, white chocolate, chocolate (4 wires so 1)

Step 3: Connect the ends of the USB cable to the LAN cable end as follows:

* White orange – orange (2 wires) (UTP) = red (USB)
* Green-white (1 cable) (UTP) = white (USB)
* Green (1 cable) (UTP) = green (USB)
* Blue and white, blue, white chocolate, chocolate (4 wires) (UTP) = black (USB)

Make sure each connection in isolation used duct tape to Rapet

Step 4, the most important: set speed USB ports on the motherboard of the computer to a USB 1.1, not USB 2.0. USB 1.1 has a maximum speed of 10Mbps, so it is more reliable for long distance in drag compared with USB 2.0.

okay good luck, if not please tingalkan comment below,

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