Professional Blogger Success Tips

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Professional Blogger Success Tips | If you are a blogger and been around for a year or more you will know that most of professional blogger or experience blogger have a lot things in common that make them successful that you can follow. And here are some of the tips that newbie blogger should follow. Professional Blogger Success Tips

I have been reading many post from these blogs and here are some key points for your blog to be successful. What I mean successful is that you are managed to get a lot of traffic from any source.

1. Successful blogger have huge amount of content for example

problogger author Darren Rowse has created 11.000 post in his first year blogging
techcrunch have created 15 post per day and 5400 per year
labnol author Amit Agarwal created 7 post a day 2520 a year

2. Succesful blogger have huge amount of social media follower

problogger 142 k twitter follower and 158 k reader (k means thousand)
labnol 18.1k twitter follower

3. Their blog are well optimized for search engine
4. They spend some money to promote their blog to blog directory submission company, video submission.
5. They update their post daily.
6. Work together with other professional blogger to cross promote their blog by exchanging banner or link on their homepage.
7. They huge number of backlinks

And you know what i just know a secret that if you want to create many content as long a the content is unique original it doesn’t matter if you create your post less than 250 words or even less than 100 words. Therefor if you want to be successful follow the above professional blogger tips.

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