The most searched keyword in the SERP

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The most searched keyword in the SERP | Next Keyword most sought after in the SERP and other search engines. Well here are some words that became the top Currently the keyword and this The most searched keyword in the SERP :

1. Associated with adult content.
Nude, Naked, Porno and others associated with sex is still a faforit the keyword search in the internet world

2. Associated with the girl.
Sexy girl, beautiful girl photos, maria ozawa, etc. … Said the girl more often in demand than in women or girls, .. probably because Girls synonymous with women younger than the woman

3. Associated with Crack, keygen, anti virus, game …
Because many are looking for crack, keygen, or patch may be due to many who need programs like this. While anti-virus may be much sought after because many who get the virus again ya hi hi hi. While the game, who does not like the game …. Perhaps for those of you who manages the blog software may be said of this keyword can be used …

4. Connecting with Love.
Prince of love, love, love stories, and more … The word love too much in interest. Many are looking for these words because many devotees

5. Connecting with facebook.
I think facebook is also associated with many devotees, for example pstingan I entitled How to create a blue status on facebook Since First Instance until I post this news on the launch is still entered in one of the most popular weekly blog post I was mostly coming from a google search. Wat next, is it still will survive in his position? hi hi hi

6. Tasks related to school
Keywords that relate to school work could not be quiet, not like where the school kids definitely need it, and every year they alternate in position. let’s reconnaissance of this keyboard: D

7. Associated with splashy news again
Keyword like this usually only be seasonal. Example time again ngetrennya Brigadier Norman era, a lot of searching with keywords associated with it. But now instead been lost from circulation … hi hi hi

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