Ways to Overcome Hair Loss

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Ways to Overcome Hair Loss | this tips about Ways to Overcome Hair Loss | Tips to Overcome Hair Loss | How to Hair Loss is not. Hair loss is often a scary thing for both men and women. Based on the International Research study on 601 women and 201 men Indonesia in 2008, as many as 36 percent of women and 16 percent of men experience hair loss problems. Some 77 percent of them, very worried about the problem. berikt Terjitu Tips to Overcome Hair Loss.
Do not think how to cope with hair loss can be solved only with shampoo antirontok. That’s because shampoo works to cleanse the scalp of dirt and oils and just cope with hair loss caused by the fracture of the hair shaft. Meanwhile, the problem of hair loss stems from the base of the hair which is located on the scalp.
You will need intensive treatment that works up to the base of the hair, to help reduce the loss. For example, using a special hair tonic products work against the hardening of collagen and strengthen the base of the hair. Then, have a five-step how to cope with hair loss.
1. Adjust your diet
Consumption of foods rich in vitamins A, B, C, and E because these vitamins are very important for the growth of new hair.
2. Healthy lifestyle
Avoid smoking and do a healthy lifestyle. The content contained in cigarettes can reduce blood circulation to the scalp, so hair will fall out quickly.
3. Avoid direct contact with sunlight
Research shows that ultraviolet light can damage the scalp and prevent the growth of healthy hair. Use a hat or umbrella when you have to go outdoors during hot weather.
4. Massage the scalp regularly
Massage the scalp regularly with olive oil and jojoba. That’s because, these oils can help the growth of new hair.
5. Use products made from natural
Avoid or at least reduce the use of care and styling products made from chemicals. Also avoid hair styling that use harsh chemicals are like hair straightening, dyeing or bleaching. Do not dry your hair too often with high temperatures

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